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X-magine Inc. started its journey in April 1983 outside of Canada. In the beginning, the goal was to design and build wood fabrications by the expert designers and builders and get help from the latest technologies. After years, by expanding its understanding of the market, expertise, knowledge, and tools, X-magine added a new way of fabricating by CNC machines and as the time passed the company added the metal fabrications to its product line. While the company was growing, X-magine decided to separate the fabricating department as a new company and started to focus and research on new materials, machines, and techniques.


In the design, decoration, and build department, the managers thought about using new materials on their works such as fabric, glass, leather, and the latest technology of digital printing and appeared recently on that time in the market beside the wood and metal. In the printing department, for the first generation the company used the sublimation-based printing machines, but after many innovations in the ink industry, they added UV and latex printing machines to the company as well as the other one.


After a While, the laser cutting, and engraving machines appeared in the industry and got excellent feedback from the market. The executive and designing managers decided to add these machines to the company and use them beside the other technologies that X-magine had, and they received a very satisfying result by using laser machines in wood, leather, stone, ceramic, glass, plastic, fabric, and other industries. As a result, the importance of expanding this part of the company became essential for the X-magine and its managers. Also, they decided to always follow-up with the newest technologies to have it available for their customers.


According to the substantial experience and knowledge of using tools, besides the services that the company provide to its customers, the company starts to help its customers to grow with the company. X-magine started to sell, install, and give the guarantees and warranties to a customer who decided to have their laser, print, or CNC machines in this industry and shared its experience and knowledge with them.


In January 2018, X-magine established its new branch in Canada. The Company brought all the knowledge and experience in the laser, CNC, and printing industry with itself to Canada to first, solve the needs of Canadian customers and share its expertise with them, and second, by using its powerful design, R&D, and executive teams help the industry and society to improve the market and create new jobs.

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